Yes, we produce bespoke garments for our clients. Each and every tailored garment from the Art Lewin Collection is cut and made specifically to your exact measurements and preferences in our own work-shop.

Here at Art Lewin Bespoke, we get to know you as a person, therefore being able to create a suit that is completely individual and full of your personality. From the lining to contrasting collars and iPod pockets inside the jacket, we help you create a suit that is both practical yet creative. A suit that makes you feel 'you'.

We import all of the clothes mostly from Italy and England, France & Scotland.

Yes, we do.

The name cashmere comes from Kashmir, the mountainous area of India and Pakistan. Cashmere is the wool from the soft undercoat of the Kashmir goat. Cashmere is one of the softest fabrics available and is unique because it provides warmth without weight.

Collar stays help to make the shirt collar lay flat when worn. Collar stays can be permanent – which are sewn into a slot underneath the collar. Collar stays can be removable – which is preferred, because you want to remove the stays prior to laundering the shirt, as the stays may bend break or melt during the laundry process.

A blended shirt often appears less crisp and dressy & can often be perceived as a less expensive shirt. A crisp cotton dress shirt looks more special, especially when worn with a finely tailored suit. Again, this comes down to a personal preference – some gentlemen prefer a blended shirt because they will wrinkle less than an all-cotton dress shirt. We recommend 100% cotton.

Pic stitching is a stitch outlining certain areas on a suit or slacks, such as lapels and coat pockets. It may also be used on the inside where the lining meets the edge of the suit cloth. A pic stitch offers a hand-finished tailored look.

Point Collar – this is the typical collar often worn with a tie, although it can also be worn as an open collar look with a suit, as well. The point collar is a straight collar.

Tab Collar – a tab is always worn with a tie. A tab collar is a point collar that has an extra piece of fabric close to the middle of the collar that fastens be a snap or a button. The purpose is to project the tie away from the collar of the shirt & is generally considered a more dramatic look worn with a crisp necktie.

Spread Collar – the collar is generally finished at an angle, either straight or curved slightly. The spread collar can be worn with a tie or as an open collar.

Button-Down Collar – the button-down is a point collar that has a button & buttonhole that fastens at the end of the point to keep the collar down. The buttondown is a more casual look – it can be worn with a tie, but should not be worn with a suit. The buttondown is often worn as an open collar.

Hidden Button-down Collar – The hidden buttondown is more contemporary, as it is a buttondown collar without having the buttons visible. The collar buttons underneath the collar. Again, generally worn as an open collar.

Wear clothing that adds substance to your appearance. Looser fit @ the waist – medium shoulder pads – 3 button coat – 1 pleat trousers – consider a vest. Fabric with texture & depth: plaids, windowpanes, flannels, birds-eyes & tic weaves.

Wear clothing to elongate your body line. 1 button coat – Shaped waist on the coats – Fabrics should have smooth texture: worsted wool’s, gabardines, pinstripes, herringbone’s.

Wear clothing to accentuate the vertical lines of the body. Proper fit on the coat – not too trim. 1 or 2 button coats recommended – try to stay away from 3 button styles. Fabrics with a smooth finish & vertical patterns here also: narrow spaced pinstripes, herringbone’s, solids – stay away from plaids.

Wear clothing to accentuate the horizontal lines to add substance to your appearance. Most models are OK. 3 button coat, fuller cut trousers. Plaids, windowpanes, larger checks & wider stripes.

Notch – standard business lapel.
Peak – considered dressier than a notch. Gives the illusion of more height.

Straight w/flap – standard business style.
Slanted w/flap – less conservative – gives the illusion of height.
Straight or slant w/no flap – clean, smooth look.
Patch pockets – gives the appearance of more bulk – sportier look.

Center – standard business style
Side – conservative. Good for any man in the business.

Trouser pockets are simply a matter of preference. Side seam pockets are cut right on the side seam of the trousers and are generally more challenging to place your hands inside the pockets. A quarter pocket is a more traditional look, and is easy to place your hands inside your pockets, as these pockets are cut on an angle. An offset pocket is a more contemporary look. A besom or cord pocket is basically two slits of fabric finished to a sleek opening.

Barrel cuffs – These cuffs are slightly rounded and will have 1 or 2 buttons that close the cuff.
Mitered Cuff – This is a barrel cuff that has a beveled edge at the top corner of the cuff & is more distinctive looking than a simple rounded barrel cuff.
French Cuff – This is a double-fold cuff that is fastened with cufflinks to close. French cuffs are considered a more formal & dressier look.

The Shawl is smooth & rounded & is most often found only on tuxedo jackets.
The Notch has an indentation cut where the lapel meets the collar. The notch lapel is found on a standard business suit or tuxedo.
The Peak is a broad V-shape that points up and out below the collar. The peak lapel was popular in the 1920s but has made a renaissance.

This is absolutely fine, please do not hesitate to email us or call 800.994.SUIT. Our team will be delighted to guide you through any of our products and services.

As standard we will only require one fitting, maybe two and one follow-up adjustment.

Yes, you are very welcome to visit any of our Locations for a fitting. We work by appointment.

Depending on the client’s availability for an appointment and whether the garment is off the peg or bespoke, the whole process from your first visit to the final fitting should take 3 to 5 weeks.

You can expect a professional yet very personal service, and the final product will make you feel taller, more powerful, and more becoming and unique to you than any other suit you have ever worn before.

Yes. And, now we offer alterations to the public.

No, we keep all measurements on file! However, if it has been more than 6 months since you last order & your weight has changed, we would recommend reviewing 6 basic measurements.

Since all of our cloth are imported, our bespoke shirts & suits typically take 4-6 weeks.

Most private label garments are finished & fitted within 10 days or so, if in stock. We will notify you if your item is out of stock.

Only on our bespoke shirts (4 shirt minimum). All other garments you can order as little or much as you want!

Yes, just let us know the amount you prefer and the recipient can use the gift certificate for all of our company’s products offered. We will mail the gift certificate or email an E-Gift Card to you or the recipient the same day ordered.

Yes, because we’re custom tailors – the possibilities are almost limitless. Contrast collars & cuffs are done at NO extra charge and are part of the design process in ordering custom shirts. All fabrics can be used with a white collar and cuff.

Orders for custom clothing are processed & cut immediately. However, if you contact us within 24 hours of placing an order we will attempt to make any change requested, but we cannot guarantee that the change can be done.

We ask for a deposit of  50% at the point of order, with the balance payable at the fitting.

We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Credit cards accepted: American Express, Visa and Master Card, Discover & checks.

All of our bespoke suits are made from the finest British and European fabrics and so you will find that they last considerably longer than any other suit. We also put our fabrics through wear and tear testing, and Art Lewin will also take into consideration what the suit’s everyday environment will be. For example, if you have a job that requires you to get in and out of a car throughout the day this will wear the fabric, so Art will advise you to choose a more hard-wearing fabric that will last longer than a softer fabric.

The following suggestions will help you to get the most out of your bespoke suit:

  • The simple solution to increasing the life of your suit is to rotate a number of suits, essentially owning more so that you can wear each one less.
  • You will find that your trousers are subject to far more everyday wear and tear than your jacket, so purchasing an extra pair of trousers could potentially double the life of your bespoke suit. There is no reason that the two pairs of trousers should be exactly the same style either, enabling you to vary the style of your full suit.
  • Make sure you take your suit to a specialist dry cleaner.
  • Look after your suits when you are wearing them; try not to carry bulky items in your pockets.
  • Try to avoid wearing your jacket when traveling and always hang your suit up wherever possible.


Wool should only be dry cleaned, maximum once per quarter. Wool cannot be laundered, or it can shrink several sizes if placed in the washer & dryer. You are welcome to bring in your garments to be pressed by us.

The fabric of choice for a fine suit is still good quality wool. Wool is a natural fiber that is robust, drapes well, bounces back into shape after repeated use, breathes well, and looks good. Natural fabrics allow the body to “breathe”. This means that perspiration is not retained within your clothing leaving an odor.  Fine woolens are manufactured in various finishes and weights. Other fabrics that are commonly used for suits are microfiber, silk, and silk blends and linen. Microfiber fabrics are generally a great choice for a more casual men’s suit and wear nicely but generally do not breathe as well as wool. Microfiber is a synthetic (man-made) material that can trap body heat and perspiration. Silk and wool blends are usually lighter weight fabrics and generally fit into the specialty suit category, however, it is a great fabric for sport coats. Linen suits are intended for a casual look, are cool in the heat, and wrinkle when you look at them.

Art Lewin Bespoke is a second-generation clothier. We take great pride in our clothing & many eyes see your pattern before it’s cut. Therefore, we guarantee a perfect fit every time. If for whatever reason we didn’t get it to fit properly, we will re-make until we do.

Always have your shirts laundered at a quality commercial dry cleaner. No Starch is recommended. Heavy starches are not good for the long-term care of your shirts. Remember to remove the collar stays from your dress shirts before sending them to the laundry, or they will get lost or leave a mark on the collars.

A white dinner jacket is best worn during the warm weather months: Memorial Day to Labor Day. However, if you are visiting a tropical climate or live in one it is appropriate for a warm-weather formal occasion.

The answer is more of a personal preference option. Vests have become more popular & are considered a more contemporary option. Vests have a slimming effect & are more comfortable when seated.

First, it is important to know that you should always use a reputable dry cleaner.  Fewer quality drycleaners use fewer quality chemicals that could damage the fabric. It is acceptable to clean a suit only once a quarter, provided you do not spill something on your suit or perspire in it. Consider having it pressed, once it loses its crispness. You should hang it up properly in the closet to let the wrinkles fall out.  A soft brush can be used to remove particles. When you do dry clean it, take both the jacket and the slacks to prevent the suit’s color from becoming mismatched.


Art’s professionalism combined with his great taste & dedication to his work is admirable. As a European woman in Los Angeles, I find it a blessing when I meet someone who takes such time & appreciation to fit my specifics needs and style. From the first fitting at my home, Art left with minor changes needing to be done, which is unusual & shows he has a great eye and has a great team of tailors working for him. So, thank you so much Art it will be a true pleasure wearing your custom suits & blouses.

Sofia Milos

Actress | Model

Art’s not only a great designer, he provides a VIP service that exceeds any VIP. He educates each client/friend on men’s fine clothing. When you wear a custom shirt or suit from Art Lewin you feel like a million bucks. He has many styles so your most difficult task is choosing that right pattern or fabric. Again his attention to detail helps you from conception to finish. I highly recommend Art Lewin and his service and consider him a close friend he is The Perfect Fit!

Robert Vaughan

Affinity Lending Group


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