If you own a custom suit, or you have a suit that you love, it is always a good idea to find out if it can be repaired by experts in invisible mending before getting rid of your suit.

What is Re-weaving
or Invisible Mending?

The term “invisible mending” or “re-weaving” dates back more than 200 years and describes the time-consuming method of repairing damage to cloth by taking individual threads from a hem, side seam, or other concealed part of the garment and reweaving them over the damaged area to create repairs that are as perfect as humanly possible.

There are many other methods that tailors use to repair clothing which are often wrongly described as “invisible.” Proper invisible mending skills take many years to perfect. There are many local tailors and seamstresses in Los Angeles who are “handy with a needle,” but that is in no way the same as genuine invisible mending. When a quality job is called for, only proper invisible mending will do.

If you own a custom suit, or you have a suit that you love, it is always a good idea to find out if it can be repaired by experts in invisible mending before getting rid of your suit.


Where Will the Threads or Fabric Come From?

Whenever the original fabric is available, it is extremely helpful. When this is not possible, material is taken from a hem, inside a pocket, or from the facing of a sportcoat. When necessary, the cuffs of a pair of slacks can be removed in order to have enough material or the proper pattern.

How Much Does Invisible Mending Cost?

Because the nature of the reweaving process is very tedious and time-consuming, it requires a highly specialized and trained staff. This type of work is not inexpensive. However, it is an excellent alternative to restore garments that have tears, cigarette burns, snags, and other kinds of damage.

The cost is approximately $125 to $165 per hole. After we have received your damaged clothing, we are happy to provide you with a better estimate prior to doing any work.

How Do I Pay?

After we receive your items, we will contact you with an estimate. Once you approve the work, you may pay by MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, or through PayPal.

How Long Does Invisible Mending Take?

Our normal turnaround time for re-weaving is between two and four weeks. If you require a faster turnaround time, we do offer priority service at an additional cost. Please submit payment prior to the completion of repair, as this will eliminate any additional delays. After we have received your payment, your garments will be shipped back to you via USPS priority mail.

How Should I Mark the Place(s) That Need to Be Repaired?

Only holes marked with pins or tailor’s chalk will be rewoven. Examine the garment carefully, holding it up to light, if possible. Sometimes there is more damage than meets the naked eye. We will assume that any hole that is not marked is a hole you do not want to be re-woven.

Is the job guaranteed?

We guarantee that the re-weave will NOT come out during the normal life of the garment. However, we cannot guarantee that the re-weave will be 100% invisible.

Contact us today if you have more questions about re-weaving. Our tailors have years of experience and are incredibly detail-oriented, which means that you will be surprised at how great your invisible mending will be.

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Art’s professionalism combined with his great taste & dedication to his work is admirable. As a European woman in Los Angeles, I find it a blessing when I meet someone who takes such time & appreciation to fit my specifics needs and style. From the first fitting at my home, Art left with minor changes needing to be done, which is unusual & shows he has a great eye and has a great team of tailors working for him. So, thank you so much Art it will be a true pleasure wearing your custom suits & blouses.

Sofia Milos

Actress | Model

Art’s not only a great designer, he provides a VIP service that exceeds any VIP. He educates each client/friend on men’s fine clothing. When you wear a custom shirt or suit from Art Lewin you feel like a million bucks. He has many styles so your most difficult task is choosing that right pattern or fabric. Again his attention to detail helps you from conception to finish. I highly recommend Art Lewin and his service and consider him a close friend he is The Perfect Fit!

Robert Vaughan

Affinity Lending Group

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